Autism and Parents Searching for Answers
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- Autism and Parents Searching for Answers
- ‘Mad-Man Rush Toward Mad-Man Medicine?’
- 6 Surprising Stress Fixes

Autism and Parents Searching for Answers
American Chronicle
The common belief among the autism community now is that ASDs are a bio medical systemic disorder as opposed to the former theory that the disorder was psychiatric in nature. My son is also a victim of this disorder and my wife and I have worked tirelessly to help him recover. Despite the fact that those in mainstream medicine clearly state that this is an impossibility our son is nearly 60% recovered. While we are both very active in the autism community our first concern is helping our son. This was the primary reason for my attending a small presentation at Dr. Mayer EisensteinĀ“s Home First Clinics in Rolling Meadows Illinois that featured the father and son team of autism researchers; Dr. Mark and his son David Geier.
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‘Mad-Man Rush Toward Mad-Man Medicine?’
American Daily
bama bright as he is obviously does not believe that major decisions should be made at the latest reasonable and non-prejudicial opportunity. The choice of such an opportunity allows the maximum period of time for the evolution finding and analysis of further facts of alternatives and of the nature of the problem or opportunity. Historical examples – and one?s own private professional and business life – are replete with examples of the wisdom of due deliberation. The tritely phrased wisdom of “seizing the opportunity” sometimes applies but is conditioned upon the duration of the opportunity.

6 Surprising Stress Fixes
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Science says she’s on to something. A recent study of 2000 couples showed that those who kiss only during lovemaking are eight times more likely to report suffering from stress and depression than those who frequently kiss on the spur of the moment. Study leader Laura Berman Ph. an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and ob-gyn at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine explains why: “Kissing relieves stress by creating a sense of connectedness which releases endorphins the chemicals that counteract stress and depression. Strategy 2: Take the cuddle cureMore good news from the annals of affection: Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently found that holding hands and hugging can measurably reduce stress. Fifty couples were asked to hold hands for 10 minutes then hug for 20 seconds.

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