Ask The Pharmacist: Mother nature’s medicine cabinet
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- Ask The Pharmacist: Mother nature’s medicine cabinet
- Medicine finding wellness as a commodity
- Cherokee Medicine Woman Shares Ancient Wisdom on YouTube
- Researchers find safer way to make stem cells

Ask The Pharmacist: Mother nature’s medicine cabinet
But many people are convinced that prescribed medications are better than natural remedies because they are approved by the FDA forgetting that herbs such as ginseng ginkgo ginger Pau D’ Arco hawthorn (among hundreds of others) have been used for centuries. Do you realize that prescription drugs are sometimes tested on just a few thousand people for a few years before approval?Does that mean that herbs are safer than drugs? Not necessarily herbs are just drugs that come from the earth and many of them work the same way drugs do. You have to be just as careful with Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet as you do your local pharmacy’s. Purity and quality matter a big deal. With vitamins I prefer that you buy reputable brands which contain bioavailable and natural forms of a nutrient; don’t bother otherwise because the wrong form could be ineffective or harmful. For example I prefer methylcobalamin for vitamin B12 not cyanocobalamin because the ‘methyl’ form goes right into the nerves and brain where it could ease painful neuropathies. The natural form of beta carotene is far superior (and safer) than the synthetic version.

Medicine finding wellness as a commodity
Everything is dissected and seen as separate. It’s a dog eat dog world and conclusions are based in greed. What’s wrong with this picture?Even though modern medicine hasn’t science has evolved. We now know that what appears solid is mostly space. We know that there is a. And thanks to scientists like Bruce Lipton we know that chemical reactions in the body are preceded by thoughts and emotions.

Cherokee Medicine Woman Shares Ancient Wisdom on YouTube
PR Web (press release)
"We Are ne Peoplegu s di i da da dv hniEva Black Tail Swan——————————————————————————————————- As a young child Eva was called to work as a devoted voice for Creator. Then as a young adult she endured extreme chemotherapy that destroyed cancer but also bone growth and repair. She refused amputation turning instead to natural Medicine of the Creator for healing. For several decades Eva has walked – on her own two legs — a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment that includes sharing her spiritual journey with others. Creator's Song: Morning Nourishment For Your SoulEach morning Black Tail Swan through a spiritual website called Satiama e-mails to her subscribers her earth medicine meditations called "Creator's Song. " Unlike a pre-planned "thought for the day" Creator's Song is a beautiful and utterly uplifting daily gift of prayer and messages of love brought forth through Black Tail Swan that embodies the energy and dynamic of that very day. Subscribers to Creator's Song report that these unique morning messages can lift the spirit and illuminate the daily path.
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Researchers find safer way to make stem cells
Calgary Herald
"PIGGYBAC" RIDEThe researchers harnessed a little piece of DNA called a transposon — sometimes known as a "jumping gene" because of its ability to move around inside the genetic code — to carry four genes. The version used is dubbed "piggyBac" and has been used by researchers to genetically modify a range of organisms. "It is a step toward the practical use of reprogrammed cells in medicine perhaps even eliminating the need for human embryos as a source of stem cells" said Keisuke Kaji from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Center for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh. He and Andras Nagy from the University of Toronto used the technique in both mouse and human skin cells and found the reprogrammed cells behaved just like embryonic stem cells. Ian Wilmut head of the MRC center and one of the scientists who cloned the first mammal Dolly the sheep said it would take time before the new iPS cells could be given to patients but the new technique was an important step forward. "Combining this work with that of other scientists working on stem cell differentiation there is hope that the promise of regenerative medicine could soon be met" he said. Doctors hope one day to use stem cells to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s diabetes cancer and spinal cord injuries.

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