Natural Cold Medicine Shortens Duration of Acute Bronchitis, New…
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- Natural Cold Medicine Shortens Duration of Acute Bronchitis, New…
- Medical Breakthrough
- The Habitual Deceptions of the Political Class
- Tiny RNA Molecules Fine-Tune the Brain’s Synapses
- Study: Gilead’s HIV combo beats Glaxo’s.
- Rasta children not allowed at school

Natural Cold Medicine Shortens Duration of Acute Bronchitis, New…
NPIcenter – NPIcenter (press release) – Jan 18, 2006
Distributed as a natural homeopathic medicine by Nature’s Way Products, Inc. , Springville, Utah, it is available in liquid drops and syrups sold primarily in health and nutrition stores nationwide. References:
(1,2)Chuchalin A, Berman B, Lehmacher W. Treatment of acute bronchitis in adults with a Pelargonium sidoides preparation (EPS(R) 7630): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing 2005;1(6):437-445.

Medical Breakthrough
Washington Post – Jan 18, 2006
This diarrheal disease is one of the world’s top killers — less murderous than AIDS (which caused an estimated 3. 1 million deaths last year) or malaria (a bit over 1 million), but remarkable for the fact that its name is not widely known. Earlier this month the New England Journal of Medicine published the promising results of large-scale clinical trials for two rotavirus vaccines. It seems a breakthrough has arrived. The question is how quickly the vaccines can be deployed in the poor countries where nearly all the deaths happen — and, by extension, whether other new vaccines can be put to use quickly, transforming life expectancy in the poor world. History counsels caution: Every year, about 27 million children don’t get the basic shots that are standard in rich countries. But two major efforts have recently improved the odds of deploying new vaccines widely… The more vaccines are put to use, the stronger the delivery infrastructure becomes and the stronger the incentive for firms to invent more vaccines — which in turn will further energize the delivery system, leading to still wider deployment of vaccines and even greater financial incentives to inventors. To enable that virtuous cycle, rich countries must continue their support for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, and poor countries must make the most of the opportunities created by the alliance’s money. It is not an iron law of nature that life expectancy has to be 32 years more in rich countries than in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Habitual Deceptions of the Political Class
Ludwig von Mises Institute – Jan 18, 2006
Faith healers fall into the same category as psychics and fortune tellers. The market chooses what works. If these healers worked better than modern medicine, the healers would be at the top of the market while modern medicine would become obsolete. Skepticism as the reason for faith healers not having prominence does not hold up here either. The market chooses what works especially in life and death situations. When a person has cancer, there is no room for skepticism. A person must choose the option that works best… It should be understood that, praxeologically, there is no difference between the nature and effects of taxation and inflation on the one hand, and of robberies and counterfeiting on the other. Both intervene coercively in the market, to benefit one set of people at the expense of another set. But the government imposes its jurisdiction over a wide area and usually operates unmolested. Criminals, on the contrary, usually impose their jurisdiction on a narrow area only and generally eke out a precarious existence. Even this distinction does not always hold true, however.

Tiny RNA Molecules Fine-Tune the Brain’s Synapses
Newswise – Newswise (press release) – Jan 18, 2006
Among those elements are microRNAs, tiny, recently discovered RNA molecules that suppress gene expression. Increasing evidence indicates a role for microRNAs in the developing nervous system, and researchers from Children’s Hospital Boston now demonstrate that one microRNA affects the development of synapses – the points of communication between brain cells that underlie learning and memory. The findings appear in the January 19th issue of Nature. “This paper provides the first evidence that microRNAs have a role at the synapse, allowing for a new level of regulation of gene expression,” says senior author Michael Greenberg, PhD, Director of Neuroscience at Children’s Hospital Boston. “What we’ve found is a new mechanism for regulating brain function. ”The brain’s ability to form and refine synapses allows organisms to learn and respond to their environment, strengthening important synaptic connections, forming new ones, and allowing unimportant ones to weaken. Experiments in Greenberg’s lab, done in rats, showed that a microRNA called miR-134 regulates the size of dendritic spines, the protrusions from a neuron’s dendrites where synapses form… The research was supported by grants from the National Insitute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Human Frontier Science Program, and the Charles Hood Foundation. Children’s Hospital Boston is home to the world’s largest research enterprise based at a pediatric medical center, where its discoveries have benefited both children and adults since 1869. More than 500 scientists, including eight members of the National Academy of Sciences, nine members of the Institute of Medicine and 10 members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute comprise Children’s research community. Founded as a 20-bed hospital for children, Children’s Hospital Boston today is a 347-bed comprehensive center for pediatric and adolescent health care grounded in the values of excellence in patient care and sensitivity to the complex needs and diversity of children and families. Children’s also is the primary pediatric teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. For more information about the hospital and its research visit:.

Study: Gilead’s HIV combo beats Glaxo’s.
Free with registration – UPI Health Business – – Jan 18, 2006
18 (UPI) — A major study indicates the triple combination of Gilead’s Viread and Emtriva with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Sustiva is a better initial treatment for HIV infection and could replace the current gold standard of Sustiva combined with GlaxoSmithKline’s Combivir. The finding, which appears in the Jan. 19 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, is the first to show that one combination regimen is superior to the other for initial HIV infection treatment. Gilead funded the study. Joel Gallant, the study’s lead author and associate director of the AIDS.

Rasta children not allowed at school
Independent Online – Jan 18, 2006
Queen Divine, 7, and her younger sister, Our Love Divine, 6, have been told that they cannot register for primary school until they can produce clinic cards with their medical histories. Their father, Juda Azania, is a Rastafarian who eschews Western medicine, and has done so for more than 18 years. His wife, Nodumisa, gave birth to all three of their children at home. ‘We are sensitive to issues of this nature’”After the births I did not go to the clinic. The only time I went to the doctor was for a scan before the babies were born,” said Nodumisa. Now the headmaster of Siyazaka Primary school wants to see the children’s medical cards before he will let them join the Grade 1 class… “But surely if the other children have had the needles, they will be safe with my children?”

Paddy Atwell, education department spokesperson, said the school was acting in accordance with admission policy. ‘We have a right to live the way of my ancestors’”We do require that parents inoculate their children before they are admitted to school. ”

He added: “We are sensitive to issues of this nature. ”

He said the parents could contact Melvyn Caroline, director of the East Metropole Education and Management and District Centre (EMDC) for his intervention. Caroline said he would try to convince the Azania family to get their shots. “The bottom line is that we have to get these children into a school. ” But Azania was adamant that he would not let his children be immunised.

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